Need Help for Your Concrete Patios?

Morales Pavers – Fort Worth, TX, 76106


Concrete patios can be wonderful home additions if planned and executed professionally. Such a home addition will make your entire property more attractive and functional. What are the main steps of installing such a patio?

  • Preparing the site. At this first phase of the installation process, you have to decide where exactly you need your patio to be located. How large do you want it to be? If it is located on a too big area, you will have to hire a dependable concrete paving contractor to give you a hand. You need to check the local building codes and obtain a permit if needed. Also, before you dig anywhere, you have to place stakes outlining the corners of your patio area. Tie strings between them.

  • Preparing the ground. Now you have to remove the topsoil. Raking the weeds, grass, and roots is a great idea. Preparing a good and flat base is the key to a successfully-completed project. Add gravel and get the crushed rock compacted with a specialized compactor.

  • Installing the forms. The next phase of this project is to install the wooden frame of our patio. Cut wooden boards with the exact length and width, and install them around the gravel area. You have to nail stakes to those boards for better stability. Remember, if the forms are not leveled, your concrete surface will be uneven.

  • Pouring the concrete. Now is the time to prepare a good and quality concrete mixture and lay it over the so-prepared bed. The amount of this material has to comply with the size of your area. You can use a shovel to spread the whole amount of concrete evenly and then, push it to fill all corners well. You can also use a bull float to create a smooth surface.

  • Finishing. At the last stage of this project, you have to let it cure for at least two days. You may wish to cover the freshly-laid concrete to protect it from unsightly formations on the surface. Remove the wooden boards.


As you can see, building a patio or another outdoor addition is not easy at all. Maybe you need professional help? Get in touch with Morales Pavers. If you are a resident of Fort Worth, TX and need adequate paver construction solutions, just call us at (817) 696-5347.