What Are the Disadvantages and Advantages of Concrete Patios


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Every homeowner will agree that concrete patios come with advantages and disadvantages. They can offer an attractive exterior space which in the hot summer months can be used as an al fresco dining and living room. However, due to its hardness will make it not as suitable for young children to use. Furthermore, some can be quite expensive to install and are prone to unsightly cracks over time.

However, the biggest advantage with a concrete patio is the extra living space it provides during the long summer months. Unlike some exterior surfaces, like grass, a concrete patio is level and solid. It is not prone to insects and mud, these qualities alone make it ideal to place chairs and a table on. Thus allowing homeowners to relax and eat outside, and even entertain guests without having to worry about creating a mess inside the house.

A concrete patio does come with a few downsides, though. Firstly, its surface is hard, and falling on it can cause scrapes, bumps, or concussions. In places that suffer from cold winters, the chances of slipping on these patios are increased by ice forming on its surface. These qualities can mean a concrete patio is dangerous for children to play on. Any family members that are prone to falls should choose a more yielding exterior surface, like grass.

Also, as mentioned beforehand, the professional installation of concrete paving can be quite expensive, even a DIY installation can be expensive and somewhat complex. Some people try to bypass using a professional by pouring their own patio, however, most will run into several hidden costs during the process. Whilst others find out they simply do not have the technical know-how needed to complete the job. For an attractive patio which is longer lasting, homeowners should think about hire a professional for installation.

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