What Exactly Is Travertine Paving?

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Travertine is stone pavers which can be used indoors and outdoors. They are made from travertine, a natural stone which is prodigious throughout the world, in addition to being reasonably cheap. Pavers are generally cut to certain sizes, although they are also available in pre-cut sizes so they can be installed on walkways, around swimming pools, and on kitchen and bathroom floors. Travertine paving is available in various colors, including caramel and beige, plus, various gray tones.

One of the biggest advantages a paving contractor finds with travertine pavers is they are natural and are created from deposits of different minerals. This means they often have natural striations and patterns running through them, very similar to the patterns seen in marble or wood. When they are installed outside, they do not normally need mortaror cement to set them and can be laid to create pathways through gardens or to create a patio.

Travertine is resistant to extreme heat and cold, so they can be used in locations, which experience freezing temperatures. The minerals, which make travertine pavers, also give them a non-skid surface, even when they are wet. This is what makes them perfect around swimming pools or interior kitchens and bathrooms. The advantages of travertine being used outside is that it remains cool to the touch even when in direct sunlight, unlike their counterparts which can be too hot to walk on with bare feet.

They are also extremely resilient and will not show wear and tear when used in moderation. The colors of these paverswill never fade, which means they retain their luster after several years of usage. Travertine does not show any efflorescence, this is a white discoloration which can be sometimes be found in concrete and other similar substances.

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